Be mindful of the honey-kissed lips of mischievous company, for it brings about a subtle and seductive destruction.
A dozen red roses blooming with an acrid smell and poisonous to the mind. It is seeping through any cracks.
Roots are as green as envy ā€“ a color of money.
Unfeeling, unphased, unapologetic.
The beautiful serpent slithers through the empty skull like a potent neurotoxin.
Beware, those whose will is made of glass, for you will shatter under the weight of your own mistakes.
Heed your animalistic instinct and tread lightly through the grass – for it hides many snakes.

Published by The Scarab Sage

I'm a tech guy into philosophy, science, and nerdy hobbies. Not much else to say other than "I hope you enjoy my content!"

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